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Are stress-related headaches linked to your Dosha?

 Is stress playing a larger role in your life than you would have liked? Most of us in today’s time would unflinchingly answer YES, knowing the horrors of those migraines and popping headache medicine every now and then. May it be a problem at work, fight with a family member or even just anxiety before an exam, the negative effects of stress can compromise on our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Let us understand why it is important to stress bust, and how an Ayurvedic stress relief can be beneficial.

Ayurvedic Stress Relief

Check out our some Stress-Busting Techniques

It is crucial to find good stress-busting techniques because increased stress levels not only lead to increased blood pressure but also lead to a weaker immune system and fertility problems. To add to this, the fluctuating levels of hormones such as cortisol interfere with the female menstrual cycle and can cause high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. The most immediate effect, however, is the severe, recurring headaches that are in conjunction with stress.

Looking at Ayurvedic stress reliefs, it can be said that the kind of stress one experiences, and therefore busting it is related to the particular dosha type you are.

What is Dosha?

In Ayurvedic medicine, dosha refers to a bio-energy centre which constitutes of three fundamental elements: vata, pitta and kapha. Good health is achieved by balancing all three doshas, as their energies circulate in the body governing physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

  • Vata – Typically have a thin body type, and can be very tall. They are usually prone to cold extremities and have dry hair and skin.
  • Pitta – Typically have toned, athletic bodies and are known to be outspoken, goal-oriented and smart. They usually have warm bodies and can sleep soundly.
  • Kapha – Typically calm, composed and affectionate. They usually have thick hair, radiant skin and an unbelievable stamina.

How to relieve stress?

.. For your particular dosha

For those people that are dominant in the vata dosha, stress is usually caused by having too many things to do and keep track off at any given point in time. To bust stress, it is imperative to tackle only a few things, thereby working on each calmly and efficiently.

For those people that are dominant in the pitta dosha, however, stress is usually caused by focusing too much on one project resulting in a lack of self-care. To bust stress, it is imperative to be balanced, with greater attention to your well being.

For those people that are dominant in the kapha dosha, stress is usually not a factor that causes misery. It is easy for them to withdraw from the situation and ‘wait out the storm’ before going back to work.

.. By creating a schedule for the day

Creating a schedule will ensure an efficient completion of your tasks, as you will not be running around frantically, trying to figure out what to do next.  It is easier to plan your time, thereby finishing everything that was necessary and important, leading to a stress-free day.

.. By meditating

Meditating for a few minutes every day can restore calm and peace in the body. It elicits the opposite response of the ‘fight or flight’ response, as it is able to decrease our heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline. Meditation should be done in a quiet place free of any distractions, preferably in a sitting position.

.. By listening to music

Listening to soft, serene music can also calm the body. It has a soothing effect which can help relax the body and relieve stress.

.. Having rooms filled with therapeutic aromas

Natural aromas such as flowers, sandalwood or even incense sticks and aroma oil can be placed in an around your house to give a sense of comfort and relaxation.

.. The Ayurvedic stress relief

Ayurvedic Stress Relief

Migraines and headaches are a recurring symptom of stress, which can also often lead to nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Dr Vaidya’s have come up with an incredible Ayurvedic Medicine, Shardardaghna, which reduces the recurrence of these migraines. This treatment of headaches through Ayurveda is sure to be a blessing in disguise, busting stress while easing the pain and reducing discomfort.

Author: Aashna Shah, Guest Writer on Dr. Vaidya’s

5 Simple Ways to Start an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of Ayurveda? Herbs? Jadi Buti? Ayurvedic products? Meditation? Ayurveda is not just about these things but includes a self-aware lifestyle, which incorporates four dimensions: senses, soul, mind and body. From morning to bedtime, there is a full day of Ayurveda activities that promote stress-free and healthy life.

ayurvedic herbal medicine

So here are 5 of the simplest ways to start an Ayurvedic lifestyle today

Wake Up Early

One of the most important aspects of leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle is waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Make sure you rise from your bed well before dawn, at around 4:30-5:00 a.m. This is the purest time of the day, when the air is fresh with the sounds of the chirping of the birds and the absence of the sounds of the traffic, help you reconnect with yourself and rejuvenate before you begin your day.

Include a purely Ayurvedic diet in your day

Ayurveda pays special emphasis on your diet as the Ayurvedic school of thought believes that what goes inside the body manifests itself in an individual’s life. Thus, it is highly recommended that you watch what you eat. Include fresh, organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, kale and mustard greens in your meals. Fruits such as papaya, watermelon as well as citrus fruits like lemon, sweet lime, etc. are also to be consumed as frequently as possible. It is advised that you stay away from oily and overly spicy junk food like fries and chips. Once you start including these healthy dietary habits in your day-to-day life, your body will automatically start giving out positive vibes, helping you develop good energy as well as getting rid of the toxins in your body. You can also opt for Ayurvedic herbal medicines if you are looking for a specific treatment.

Have a wellness evening routine

Consume your dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Your dinner must be light and nutritious, such as steamed veggies, dal, etc. Sip on hot water or herbal tea along with your meals. Do some kind of enjoyable activity post-dinner, such as a leisurely walk, read a book, play with your pet, etc. Before you sleep, drink a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric and ginger. This will help you sleep better and aids digestion. Take some oil and rub it on your feet, ear, and scalp for some relaxation. You can also consume the Ayurvedic medicines before you sleep. There are several Ayurvedic herbal medicines at Dr. Vaidya’s to promote a healthy sleep pattern. You can even consult their in-house doctor for more information.

Drink enough water

Everybody knows the benefits of water and yet they ignore the importance of it. Water helps flush out the harmful toxins from the body. Drink 7-8 glasses of water every day, it will help you maintain a great level of health and also save you some money in the future. Herbal teas could also be your new best friend. They are made caffeine-free and helps to balance one’s doshas. You can safely consume them while having a meal, between meals at any time of the day. It is a perfect way to relax and unwind.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Anxiety

You Need ‘Me-Time’

Extroverts and outgoing people might not understand the concept of being alone for a prolonged period of time or understand solitude as much as introverts. It is essential to devote some time for yourself and tune in to see what is happening in your body and mind. 20 minutes of meditation can be an escape route from the busy lifestyle you lead! You can start slow, say just 5 minutes in the beginning and you will notice its several benefits, such as it reduces stress, improves concentration, increases self-awareness, makes you happy, etc. You can also opt for Ayurvedic Medicine like UnmadvatiAyurvedic Medicine for Anxiety if you are experiencing anxiety and sleep disorders.

Best Way to Get Rid of Hangover Symptoms after Drinking

How to cure a hangover? Is the one question that haunts every party animal and often ends up killing their buzz?

Consuming excess amounts of alcohol causes a significant imbalance in the regular functioning of the body. Thereby triggering a reaction to resuming the control. This quest to regain control and flush the toxins (aldehydes) out of the body causes a Hangover.

Symptoms of a hangover include a bunch of physiological and psychological effects. Which include Diarrhea, fatigue, headache, nausea, high blood pressure, overproduction of sweat. In some cases heightened sensitivity towards light and sound accompanied by vertigo can also be observed.

anti hangover pillHit or Miss Hangover Remedies

Despite there being a lot of hangover remedies and hangover medicines available in the market as of now they tend to often be a hit or miss. Not all hangover remedies are effective for everyone the reason being that different bodies tend to respond differently to them.

Particular hangover remedies that might work for you might not really work for your friend and in some unfortunate cases, some of these hangover medicines might end up making things even worse.

hangover prevention pill But, that being said, there are a few general hangover remedies that seem to work in the favor of the majority of cases. These methods will help you figure out what works for you to finally provide your own specific answer to the burning question, i.e. “How to cure a hangover?”

How to cure a hangover

Consumption of fluids

Consumption of alcohol actually causes severe dehydration. This might be due to excessive urination caused by heightened levels of vasopressin generated by the kidneys. This calls for the need to drink a lot of water with electrolyte substitutes. This would rehydrate your body and replenish the electrolyte balance. Furthermore, it drains the toxins that are produced as a result of alcohol metabolism. Even though some other effects of hangover might not favor this you have to power through as water is the best solution.

Increase intake of carbohydrate

Drinking drains your body of its energy source. It severely depleting the blood sugar level. This loss of energy would explain the headaches and fatigue experienced when hungover. So, a nice toast, soup, and juice might act as the perfect hangover medicines by reviving your energy levels.

Avoid dark-colored alcoholic beverages

Dark liquors consist of methanol additives which when metabolized produce of formaldehyde, which is far more toxic. Clear alcoholic beverages like Vodka and gin consist of ethanol exclusively. They on being metabolized produce ethanol which is not so toxic. Therefore, clear or light colored beverages might cause a hangover that is less painful.

Eat some eggs

Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine in abundance. Cysteine effectively breaks down all the toxins that might make you feel sick and nauseous. Hence, consume 1 or 2 hardboiled eggs when hungover. Eggs help cleanse the body of toxins and neutralize the effects of the hangover.

Consumption of potassium-rich foods

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to replenish the electrolyte balance of the body, especially potassium. Potassium plays a significant role in various bodily functions. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and carbohydrate serving as an effective hangover medicine.

LIVitup – Best Hangover Remedy

It is an Ayurvedic concoction, which helps you deal with hangover symptoms. More importantly, it also takes care of the health of your liver. It does so prevent the alcohol from metabolizing into acetaldehyde (which is responsible for the scaring of the liver). It is made using an age-old recipe used to deal with alcohol and ghutka addiction.

Excessive alcohol consumption chiefly hinders the functioning of your liver by scaring and damaging its tissue ultimately causing Liver cirrhosis.

LIVitup consists of Lactose, Aroghyavavardhini Ras, and Kalmegh Ghan, which help in neutralizing the effects of alcohol. They help in regenerating liver cells and preventing inflammation respectively. It is one of the perfect very few Hangover remedies, which apart from helping with the immediate effects will also help in preventing any long-term effects.

The product is retailed on Dr. Vaidya’s website. This product is might just be the hangover remedy you were searching for all along.


Know How to Build Up a Healthy Immune System

The immune system is a network of organs connected via lymph nodes and lymphatic fluid. It takes care of all the harmful materials present in our body and protects us from microbes and pollutants that might enter into our body every day.

How to boost the immune system and how to increase immunity have become the chief concern lately due to the environmental conditions we have to live in.  If it were not for this system, we would have to live in complete isolation and any small infection could be fatal. This is why we need to know how to boost the immune system and how to increase immunity.

chyawanprash for immunity

Various aspects of bad nutrition lack sleep and exercise and exposure to a toxic environment tend to impact our immune system drastically in a negative manner. Therefore, if you don’t learn how to increase immunity and how to boost the immune system even a small cold would end up turning into Pneumonia.

So, to avoid all of this we could follow these simple steps which would not only boost the immune system but get an understanding as to how to increase immunity with just a few lifestyle changes.

How to increase immunity to your diet?

We are not strangers to the fact that what we consume has a direct implication to the state of our health. Therefore a well-balanced diet could prove to be the best medicine. Foods like sweet cereals, green tea, oranges, wheat bread and green leafy vegetables like spinach have been proven scientifically to boost your immunity. You can understand how to increase immunity just by having an understanding and making a few changes in your diet.

Constant hydration

Consumption of water at regular intervals of time throughout the course of the day (10-12 glasses) flushes out the excess toxins and harmful metabolites from your body. It also would help in keeping the mucous membrane in your body healthy and moist thereby strengthening the immune system.

Sleep for boosting the immune system

Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours every day helps your body, specifically your immune system to heal and repair the damage endured by it in the course of the day. Proper sleep also aids good circulation and filtration of the circulatory and lymphatic systems automatically. A good night’s sleep also reduces the secretion of stress hormones, which are known to compromise the health of your immune system. Our body knows how to increase immunity all it needs is a goodnight’s rest.

Exercising regularly

ayurvedic chawanprash

Exercise promotes good blood circulation and improves respiration which promotes inhalation of plenty of oxygen and exhalation of gaseous wastes. Exercise promotes perspiration which eliminates toxins. A little stretching and jogging might be enough to offer an effective solution on how to increase immunity.

Stay positive, stay immune

You might wonder how staying positive would provide an answer to the question how to boost the immune system? Then here is your answer. Having a positive attitude not only caters to the betterment of your mental health, but also helps in the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin which help in strengthening and repairing your immune system.

Chyawanprash for immunity

Vedic practitioners have been using chyawanprash for immunity for a long time. Chyawanprash is an age-old Ayurvedic formulation consisting of Ashwagandha, Amla, Honey and several other essential Ayurvedic ingredients. Chyawanprash has various benefits including

  • Body tissue rejuvenation and repair
  • Is a wholesome energy supplement and improves pulmonary and cardiovascular activity.
  • In building ojas which is responsible for supporting a healthy immune system.
  • Kindles and maintains the pith thereby promoting a healthy digestive system ensures proper and regular bowel movement.
  • Cleanses the liver and ensures urinary health
  • Relaxes and strengthens the brain, improves concentration and alertness boosting mental health.

Chyawanprash has a peculiarly sweet and sour taste, which some people might not prefer in which case you can consume it in the form of tasteless capsules made available to you by Dr. Vaidya’s on their online shopping portal where you can purchase them conveniently.

HERBOfit takes the 21 ingredients of Chyawanprash and turns it into a healthy yet tasteless capsule form, which can be consumed every day after breakfast or along with a glass of milk.


Why I gave up a Six Figure Private Equity Career for Ayurveda

Ayurvedic MedicineWhy I Gave up a Six-Figure Private Equity Career for Ayurveda

You may have spent hours as a child musing through the charming world of grandparents’ tales – personal feats wrapped in romance, sometimes, fiction. The stories I grew up on were rather unusual. Science was the hero and nature, his home. Ayurveda was not just a trope but a way of life for my family for over 150 years. My last name, Vaidya, is a Sanskrit word for an Ayurvedic practitioner. This didn’t mean much to me in a city like Mumbai where the 1990s was the era of obsession with imported products. I devoured the newly imported Japanese electronic sharpeners and Made-in-China remote-controlled cars. Indian products were perceived as a mere second tier commodities. Even though my grandfather was one of India’s most renowned Ayurvedic physicians, rarely did I understand the importance of the legacy he was carrying forward.

Had Ayurveda lost its value? Definitely not. Where did it go wrong?

While my generation, like the ones before, was passed down the traditional dos and don’ts of Ayurveda, the West embraced the ancient practice, albeit in a modern style. Yoga became cool, the pants and mats became sexy, and the meditation centers aspirational. Modern consumers found it relatable. In no time Yoga was a global phenomenon and it skyrocketed as a 36 billion dollar industry in the United States!

The 1990s and 2000s ushered an organic revolution in the West. Consumers in the West became weary of chemicals in daily consumption and questioned the role of artificial ingredients. Was it worth ingesting it all? Shopping from Whole Foods, an American supermarket chain known for foods without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and hydrogenated fats, wasn’t novel any longer – it was a well-informed lifestyle choice.

My brief stint in the US from 2009 to 2013 exposed me to this now-popular culture. On returning to India, I saw a similar wave in the consumer behaviour – but with an unusual twist. I began my career in private equity at L Capital Asia, an investing arm of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group. While the assignment was challenging, fulfilling and gave me a very comfortable lifestyle, I was seeing something change. The consumer obsession with imported products that I grew up had waned and Indians began to grow proud of their country and heritage.

They have now started to become happy to consume quintessentially Indian products. Urban India has also become much more conscious of health and fitness. The revolution that we saw 15 years ago towards healthy living and healthy eating had started to hit Indian shores.

Given the change in lifestyle and the macroeconomic change in government, India is experiencing somewhat of an Ayurveda renaissance. Herbal products have become increasingly popular, however, the potential for the science is still largely untapped.

Urban consumers have very limited knowledge on the scientific value as what Indian citizens above the age of 60 would know. They would know how Bhringraj is an important component of Ayurvedic hair oils but someone in their 20s will most likely be clueless.

History Towards New Age Ayurveda

When my grandfather passed away in 2013, our family felt the need to carry forward the legacy. By mid-2015, I felt somewhat of a duty to take forward what was fundamentally in my blood (and my last name). What really moved me, though, was a meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor. I went to see the specialist just to have a conversation and understand where the science was. The doctor was quite renowned in his neighbourhood but looking at the dismal conditions he worked in shook me.

This science that has so much potential and tradition is fundamentally undervalued. Why does an Ayurvedic doctor with years of experience still work in a shabby clinic? These questions began a quest to search for more.

What I saw is that natural foods and cosmetics have got large-scale adoption in India (and of course, around the world). Ayurvedic medicine (the core of my family’s knowledge) still has some a lot of to make till it can be seen as a genuine alternative to allopathy and, this will only come with consumer education. Modern consumers need to be explained about the science in a form that is appealing and accessible to them. For some reason, a large number of Ayurvedic product brands are stuck in the past and without ‘talking’ to the new consumers, it will be quite difficult to make Ayurveda a way of life.

Modern consumers suffer from lifestyle problems such as poor diet, lack of sleep and stress which Ayurveda can actually address. Urban environments and pollution have also led to conditions like a cough, cold and asthma to be a constant issue for modern Indians.

These are new age problems, and Ayurveda has answers to it all.

The lack of trust and information is the gap which needs to bridge. Ayurveda brands have not been able to leverage their potential and make the science appealing and accessible to modern consumers. In terms of potential and adoption, Ayurveda is just scratching the surface.

If yoga can become a global phenomenon – why can’t Ayurveda!

With 150 years of family legacy, I felt a duty towards my name, this rich science and most of all my grandfather. What he took to thousands of his patients needed to be shared with millions in India and around the world. Thus, close to a year ago I gave it all up to create and Ayurveda brand that made our science appealing and accessible to modern consumers. Then began Dr Vaidya’s journey.

Ayurveda exports around the globe last year were 400 million while yoga is a 27 billion industry in the US. Ayurveda is ours and India need to take it to the world – the time is now!

Authored by: Arjun Vaidya, CEO and 6th Generation Vaidya at Dr. Vaidya’s 

Ayurveda Travel Kit Essentials


With our busy work lives and packed schedules, everyone needs a holiday to unwind. One needs to relax the mind to get rejuvenated and back to fighting shape. While relaxation is the objective, travelling includes changing climates, new places and a change in diet. Some of us do not adapt to new places very easily and can fall sick immediately as we reach our destination – which ruins the purpose of the trip. Even during one’s journey to and from the destination, one can often fall sick in the airplane or train environment.

What we do not realize though is that we can avoid small issues like constipation, fatigue and motion sickness by simple Ayurvedic hacks so that we enjoy our holiday hassle free. Here are some simple Ayurvedic tips for your next holiday:

  1. Eat natural foods: Any place we visit, we do love trying the local delicacies. While this can be followed, one must as much processed food as possible. While travelling, because of the constant movement, the Vata element of Space and Air dries up in our body and we get digestive ailments. Consuming processed or non-fresh food only aggravates this. Eating fruits, vegetables and dry fruits that are easy to digest will not lead to these problems. Foods which can be easy to carry are grapes, apples, mangos, oranges, dry fruits such as walnuts and pecans and vegetables such as capsicum, cauliflower and carrots.
  2. Herbal teas: While travelling, staying hydrated is a must. Sipping on herbal teas such as ginger, cardamom or other with local herbs will ensure smooth digestion. Just having warm water is also good enough but most importantly at regular intervals. Cold water can be avoided as it slows down digestion.

  1. Avoid the airplane food: While travelling by air, it is always better to get food packed from home rather than eating the airplane meal. Airplane food is packed some time long before the flight and is kept dried. This further aggravates the dryness in our body and causes digestion problems while travelling.

  1. ENT Tips: Travelling by air changes pressure on our ears. It is advisable to massage the base of our ears to keep the blood flow constant. The pressure can get to the sinus also, so deep breathing at regular intervals is a good exercise.
  2. Essential items: In our travel kit, a few small items can make a big change in our trip. We must always have medicine for cold, cough, immunity and digestion is a must! At Dr. Vaidya’s we have products that work on these ailments specifically and can form a convenient Ayurvedic travel kit. For cold and cough we have a powder called `Shardi Powder and a syrup called Herbokof that go together and cause instant relief. We have our own herbal oil and shampoo called HerboCool and Herbi Shampoo because one never knows whether the products available at the hotel would be the right ones.. For digestion, we have Kabaj Pills for constipation and Grahyavati for loose motions. In new conditions, the food may not suit one’s body and thus, keeping Amlapittavati for hyperacidity is also a great addition.

Adopting these methods can make our travels become much more comfortable, light and hassle- free. Follow these Ayurvedic tips for a super holiday!

Authored by: Binoy Shah, Marketing Executive 

Ayurvedic Dental Techniques – Oil Pulling

A common man follows a standard daily oral hygiene routine, which entails brushing one’s teeth and rinsing one’s mouth. At the most, some people who are extra conscious about their oral hygiene use dental floss or some branded mouthwash for the fresh feeling. But, the question remains, is it enough?

From the time you wake up till the time you go back to sleep, your mouth is susceptible to a large amount of attacks from bacteria, which enter your body through your mouth. This results in unwanted and harmful dental diseases. This can happen in spite of the fact that people regularly and religiously follow their daily oral hygiene as well as their trips to the dentist for regular clean-ups. So what is that extra something that can help get rid of the bacteria trying to take permanent residence in your mouth?

Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is an ancient and traditional Ayurvedic technique which is your best bet to detoxify your mouth from that pesky bacterium along with whitening and cleaning of your teeth. It is also a proven cure for innumerable diseases like skin infections, arthritis, liver and stomach problems, curing headaches and migraines, throat infections etc. Any type of edible oil can be used for this highly beneficial Ayurvedic technique.

Following are a set of instructions for the process of how oil pulling is done:

  1. Oil pulling process should be conducted immediately after waking up before eating or drinking anything.
  2. Choose edible oil like sesame, coconut or olive oil for this purpose.
  3. Take not more than 2 tablespoons of oil in the mouth and swish it i.e. is move it around the mouth for at least 20 minutes moving it throughout the mouth and along the gums and in between the teeth also.
  4. Avoid decreasing the time limit for swishing the oil in the mouth. By decreasing the time you might not be able to completely detoxify your mouth and by increasing the time the risks of absorbing the toxins back in the mouth and stomach are high. To know when the time is right to stop swishing the oil in your mouth, you can out a little oil from your mouth. If the oil has thinned and turned white or milky then it is time to spit out the rest of the oil from your mouth.
  5. After spitting out the oil, rinse and gargle your mouth with warm water and use a tongue cleaner to remove all residue of the oil.

Repeat this process everyday for satisfying results.

Benefits of oil pulling:

  1. The main cause of bad breath in your mouth is tooth decay which is caused by a bacterium which is called Streptocmutant bacteria. Oil pulling is an attested form of Ayurvedic technique which gets rid of this bacterium from your mouth permanently.
  2. Teeth and gum related diseases like gingivitis and periodontists are also cured.
  3. It helps to reduce in dental cavities.
  4. Oil pulling invigorates the lymphatic system by depleting the toxins in the vital organs of the body.
  5. Helps in getting whiter and brighter teeth.

While oil pulling is a very involved technique, a quicker way to adopt Ayurveda on a daily basis is the use of tooth powder. Tooth powder is an Ayurvedic replacement to toothpaste without the harmful chemicals (especially fluoride) that go into our daily minty and frothy brushing experience. It has proven to be much more effective than tooth paste in getting rid of yellowness of teeth, gingivitis and bleeding gums. One can still use a toothbrush with tooth powder so click here to experience the Ayurvedic way with Dr. Vaidya’s HERBOdanty.


The steps mentioned above and the benefits have been derived by experts from studies conducted on many people who perform oil pulling regularly. You are advised to practice this technique at your will.

Author: Trisha Rajani, Dr. Vaidya’s Public Relations & Marketing Strategist

Ayurveda for the Summer

As per Ayurveda, the human body is made up of the 5 elements of earth: air, ether, earth, water and fire. These five elements combine into three doshas: vata (space & air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth). Although each human body is composed of all 3 doshas, each body has a different combination of them and this determines one’s genetically inherited physical and personality traits. Through one’s life, these constitutions may change based on physical, mental and emotional conditions.

In Ayurveda ‘health’ or ‘good health’ is a dynamic state of balance between the mental and physical with the environment. When one faces an imbalance of the doshas, they experience ailments. Hence, Ayurveda recommends knowing/identifying one’s dosha and then creating a lifestyle that suits it.

As summer is the season of heat, the pittha (fire) dosha dominates and thus people must adopt a lifestyle to balance the effects of the pittha dosha.

Why I gave up Tooth Paste for Tooth Powder…

For a lot of us that uber healthy lifestyle of eating clean, working out every morning and having the perfect figure is a distant dream. When we read articles about health in magazines, hear nutritionists talk on the television it always seems like something that we just cannot implement in our daily lifestyle. Using tooth powder may seem like one of these but I have completely switched and given up toothpaste for good reason.

Most warning signs on toothpaste tubes read something like:

  • Do not swallow
  • If you ingest too much please rush to a hospital or contact a poison control centre
  • Keep away from children under the age of 6
  • If a child is using toothpaste, it should be done so under parental supervision
  • Children should not use larger than a pea sized amount of toothpaste

The Tectonic Shift Towards Natural Products

On June 16th, 2017, Amazon sent shockwaves across the world with the announcement of its Whole Foods acquisition. Paying a 27% premium to the stock price and paying a walloping USD 13.4b, Amazon has made its intentions clear about how they are going to approach and plan the future.