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The Most Effective Ayurvedic Products to Deal With Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones are molecules that are secreted directly into the bloodstream by endocrine glands and have the crucial role of controlling physiological factors and behaviour of the body. When these chemical messengers are imbalanced they bring about health problems that need to be treated immediately. The most obvious way to do this is by going to an endocrinologist, but what most people don’t know is that there are several Ayurvedic products that can be used to treat this, most of which are available online.

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Thyroid hormonal imbalances can affect metabolism and weight, whereas pancreatic hormonal imbalances are related to diabetes and hypoglycaemia. It can be beneficial to visit an Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai not only when you are affected by these ailments, but even when minor symptoms such as weight gain, a formation of acne, migraines and irregular menstrual cycles appear. Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic system that promotes maintaining a balance between the mind, body and spirit. This is why Ayurvedic medicinal products or visiting an Ayurvedic clinic can help get to the root cause of these imbalances.

How to deal with hormonal imbalances the Ayurvedic way?

Change your diet

The formula for eating the right food is very important, as the key to balancing your hormones lies in the kind of food you eat. Eating foods, which are rich in omega-3, omega-6, vitamin B6, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium.

Exercise regularly

Losing weight is also proven to be a beneficial way to balance your hormones, which is why exercising regularly and maintaining fitness levels is crucial. Going to yoga classes or meditating twice a day at home can even help reduce stress levels, especially increasing levels of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol.


Herbs such as the Black Cohosh are phytoestrogen because they contain plant-based oestrogen. This particular herb can be used by women to battle the symptoms of menopause, regulate menstrual periods and relieve hot flashes and inflammation.

 Ayurvedic Medicine

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Dr Vaidya’s have come up with several Ayurvedic products that can help relieve hormonal imbalances. An example of this is the Diabex Pill, Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes that helps to curtail increasing blood sugar levels, stimulating beta cells of the Langerhans of the pancreas to produce insulin. These products can be bought online, but should the correct dosage should be taken in consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor at their clinic.

Authour: Aashna Shah, Guest Writer for Dr. Vaidya’s

What are the Most Effective Remedies to Boost Energy?

Being exhausted all the time can be daunting. It makes you lose focus, interest, and can even make you feel blue. So, whenever your body starts behaving sluggish, just give it the extra love and care it deserves. And, caffeine or energy drinks are definitely not the solutions. There are several home remedies that can help you get back on track and boost your energy. Read on to know more about these natural energy boosters.

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Magnesium to Boost Energy

To get the required amounts of vitamins and minerals, you must consume a balanced meal every time. However, despite eating the right way, if you still experience a loss of energy, it might be an indication of magnesium deficiency. So, why is magnesium, important? It is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions that take place in our body. For men, the recommended daily intake of magnesium is 350 mg and 300 mg for women. The best sources of magnesium are; almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, whole grains, bran cereal, and fish.

Physical Activity to Boost Your Energy

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You must be thinking; how physical activity can help when you are already exhausted? But, that is where we go wrong. With the help of physical activity, especially, walking, can help increase energy. All you need to do is start with a 10-minute brisk walk. It will not only boost the levels of your energy, but it will also enhance your mood.

Less Sugar to Boost Energy

It is important to make sure that your sugar levels remain constant. Consuming large amounts of sugar can certainly affect your sugar levels. And, this might lead to the reduction in energy. Therefore, stick to whole grains. They will provide a steady growth of energy, keeping you consistent.

Power snacks to Boost Energy

Power snacks are a great way to boost your energy levels. However, it must be something light and simple. You need something with protein, fibre, and a little fat, such as whole wheat crackers with some peanut butter, yoghurt, a smoothie (sugar-free), nuts, etc.

Check-up to Boost Your Energy

If you feel the loss of energy for more than a couple of days, it is important to go for a medical check-up. You must make sure to get your thyroid function and complete blood cell count test. For this, a simple blood test is sufficient. If you are diagnosed with either of the conditions, you will have to go visit a doctor. With the help of medications, your body will be back to normal.

Ayurvedic Medicine to Boost Energy

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Today, Ayurveda offers several treatments to help boost energy. These Ayurvedic medicine for energy are devoid of any side-effects and completely effective. Ayurvedic medicine to Boost Energy also helps increase your energy. One of the authentic sources of Ayurvedic medicine is Dr Vaidya’s. Their HERBOfit capsules are power packed and help get rid of any exhaustion. HERBOfit is a product that synergizes Chyawanprash capsules.  It consists of 21 active ingredients.

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Power Nap to Boost Energy

Sometimes having a power nap can prove really helpful. So, what is a power nap? A quick nap is a power nap. You can extend your power nap for about 60 minutes, but no more than that.

Don’t Skip Meals to Boost Energy

Sometimes, due to the hectic schedule, we tend to skip breakfast or lunch. Did you know? There are several studies that prove that when you consume a proper breakfast, it inflates your mood, giving you that extra burst of energy. So, make sure you consume a well-balanced meal three times a day.

Get rid of that stress to Boost Energy

Stress can drain all your energy. Basically, stress is caused because of anxiety and anxiety takes up all the energy. Therefore, with the help of relaxing techniques, such as music, books, meditation, etc. you can get rid of that stress. This will not only keep you energized but will also help you stay mentally at ease.

Don’t smoke to Boost Energy

Yes, we all know that smoking is injurious to health. However, smoking can decrease your energy levels, leading to insomnia. Nicotine is a stimulant. What it does is, it fastens the heart rate, increases the blood pressure, and causes brainwave activity. Thus, when you smoke, it makes it harder for you to fall asleep. And, when the sleep pattern gets affected, energy levels go haywire.

Don’t oversleep to Boost Energy

Less sleep and more sleep, both cause loss of energy. Hence, you must sleep for about 7-8 hours. Sometimes, when you sleep a lot, you start feeling sleep deprived. This is when you must reduce the amounts of your sleep. This will help preserve your energy, making you feel active. Buy Ayurvedic medicine to boost your energy now.

Top 10 Natural Foods and Diets for Better Health and Immunity

Our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against disease-causing micro-organisms. Hence, keeping our immune system healthy is very important. Feeding the body with certain foods may help keep our immune system strong because what we eat majorly influences our health. In Ayurveda, a healthy immune system refers to a healthy body, mind and spiritual being.  Ayurvedic medicine for health begins with a balanced diet and a balance of energies. Organic fruits, whole grains, legumes, light dairy products are the best Ayurvedic medicines for immunity building.

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10 natural foods and diets that can help you get better health and boost your immune system:

Adopt healthy living strategies:

  • The first line of defense is always to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Making these small changes can help you protect your body from environmental assaults:
  • Minimizing stress by meditation
  • Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Exercising regularly for a minimum of 15-20 minutes

Eating Probiotic- Rich food to boost immunity:

Probiotics are bacteria that live in our gut and help in stimulating the immune system and maintaining the health of the gut’s lining. Great sources of probiotics are Buttermilk, Yogurt, Kombucha and fermented pickles.

Citrus fruits to boost immunity:

Fruits such as oranges and grapefruits are high in vitamin C, a well-known immunity booster. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which is likely to lower risks of infection and can speed up your recovery from ailments. Other great citrus rich foods are lime, tangerine, clementine, and lemon.

Iron-Rich foods to boost immunity:

Iron is a mineral that plays an important role in immune function. A diet containing too little iron can contribute to anemia and weaken the immune system. It’s advantageous to consume iron-rich foods like poultry, fish, legumes, and dry fruits.

Sweet Potatoes to boost immunity:

Not only delicious but also rich in Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes help improve the body’s response to certain vaccines and help fight disease-causing bacteria. Besides sweet potatoes, foods that are high in vitamin A include carrots, dark-green leafy vegetables, squash, lettuce, dried apricots, and organ meats.

Garlic to boost immunity:

Consuming two to three cloves of fresh garlic per day may help boost your immune system. Garlic is effective at reducing the symptoms and duration of the common cold and flu as well.

Ginger to boost immunity:

Making ginger a regular part of your life by simply adding a sprinkle of fresh or dried ginger to your dishes or smoothies or sipping on a fresh ginger infusion, can help decrease the risk of infections and nausea.

Coconut Oil to boost immunity:

Coconut fats help fight off the type of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, sinusitis, dental cavities, food poisoning and urinary tract infections. Replacing it with butter and vegetable oil for cooking and baking can help your body in the long run.

Nuts and Seeds to boost immunity:

Nuts are incredibly rich in nutrients which play a very important role in the functioning of the body. Almonds and sesame seeds are particularly the best sources of copper and vitamin E, while pumpkin seeds and cashews are rich in zinc.

HERBOfit to boost immunity:

Ayurvedic Chawanprash

For all of you modern consumers on-the-go, who still find it tasking to incorporate the above as energy supplements, we, at Dr. Vaidya’s found a perfect solution for you. Herbofit is Ayurvedic medicine for immunity – strong immunity and energy. Herbofit is a concentrated extract of 21 active ingredients of Chyawanprash in the form of capsules. Designed for the modern consumer it is convenient, has no taste and is healthier as it has 1/160th the sugar content as compared to a spoon of Chyawanprash.