Do you love the rains but hate the illnesses that come attached at the hip?

Sure, we all know that enjoying the great weather can be a lovely feeling, but it’s no fun when you are sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. Now that’s a feeling we would all gladly avoid.

Yes, it goes without saying that we need to carry an umbrella and avoid getting wet, but no one left a memo for the flu, did they? It’s still going to show up uninvited, banging at your head (and your nasal cavity) every other day. So do you want to avoid the woes, and just enjoy the wows of the monsoons this year?

Here are some natural and ayurvedic remedies to help prevent the flu this rainy season and stay healthy, however overcast the skies (and your moods) get:

  1. Keep sipping on some Herbal hot tea daily: One of the easiest and most convenient ways of boosting your immunity system is to have about 1-2 cups of Tulsi tea daily. The anti-bacterial properties in this plant build up a shield in your body against a lot of harmful viruses spreading around in the monsoon season! The hot tea neutralizes the cold coming into your body from the external environment and hence regulates your internal temperature. Plus, who can say no to a hot cup of tea this season? Maybe spice it up with a plate of hot bhajiyas?
  2. Keep your feet protected: Surprising to know but you can actually catch a cold even through your feet! Applying some eucalyptus oil on your feet and covering them with cotton socks before you go to sleep will take care of that. The heating properties contained in eucalyptus gives your feet adequate warmth and cotton socks ensure all the oil is absorbed in by the skin. Now, keep your heads cool by keeping your feet warm!
  3. Turn into a vegetarian: A big problem with people in the rains is gastroentitis. One major reason for this is the seafood that we consume. Seafood gets contaminated very easily as the seawater gets polluted and the fish end up having too many disease-causing germs. Hygiene levels are not maintained when meat is cut during the monsoons and this can also cause digestion and other stomach-related problems. Sticking to the basics and consuming more leafy vegetables during this period will boost up your immunity and give you the required nutrients.
  4. A fun and tasty way:If you think all the above methods are boring, we have found a fun way to keep yourself healthy. For those of you not allergic to fruits like lemon, grapes and oranges, increase your intake of these citrusy delights – not only does their rich Vitamin C content help the immune system build up against various air and water borne diseases, but it tastes so much better than taking medicine, no?
  5. Spice it up!: Growing up we have heard  that “ginger is good for your health”, but have we actually ever bothered to find out what that means? The warmth that ginger provides with the alkaloids contained in it not only regulates our body temperature due to the cold outside, but also aids digestion (this is the reason it is very often used in teas right after a meal). Strands of ginger are recommended to be eaten before a meal, or if that is too spicy, add some ginger to your herbal tea. Guess it’s time to go grocery shopping!
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Authored by: Dr. (Mrs.) Surya Bhagwati (BAMS, DHA, DHHCM, and DHBTC), 25+ years experience in Ayurveda

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